The Hon. Bryon Wilfert, P.C.


Bryon Wilfert brings 26 years of experience in elected political office both as a municipal councillor and a Member of Parliament. Bryon brings a tremendous range of experiences at both levels of government.

Bryon’s years of experience give him an unparalleled perspective with a rational and proactive approach to problem-solving. He is capable of making fair and knowledgeable assessments particularly based on his time as an international consensus-builder. Over the years, Bryon has built up relationships in countries such as Peru, Vietnam and Nigeria. His understanding of the importance of trade relations allows him to access more opportunities.

Known for his strong leadership skills, untiring work ethic and his balanced approach to issue management, Bryon has also received his colleagues’ praise as a team-builder and as an expert in areas such as foreign relations, environmental sustainability and National Defence.

Among the positions he held as MP were Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Finance, Junior Minister of Environment and Critic for Foreign Affairs and National Defence.

On the Asia-Pacific file, Bryon has complimented his previous academic expertise with an in-depth perspective gained through his experience planning, organizing and leading successful international trade missions in Asia-Pacific countries; through chairing and participating in a wide range of international parliamentary delegations; and through serving as a Canadian spokesperson at numerous international conferences. In fact, Bryon received the Order of the Rising Sun – Gold/Silver Star from His Imperial Majesty and the Prime Minister of Japan for his tireless work on Canada/Japan relations. He also holds the position of Honorary Consul General for Myanmar.

In the realm of Canadian municipal/provincial relations, Bryon offers expertise and critical relationships that he developed as past President of both the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) and the Canadian Parks/Recreation Association (CPRA).

Bryon has written extensively on national and international issues. He holds a M.A., B.A. and B.Ed. from the University of Toronto, as well as a diploma in municipal administration – Accredited Municipal/Clerk Treasurer (AMCT) from St. Lawrence College. He also holds an Institute of Corporate Directors Designation (ICD.D) from the Rotman School – University of Toronto.