Scott Walker


Scott Walker is a senior management consultant with over 30 years’ experience in business start-ups, corporate management, government relations, and business development. He has diverse experience in the Government, Health and Science, Defence, Information Technology, Finance, and Services sectors. Scott spent over 25 years in Ottawa as a lobbyist, contractor, advisor and consultant to the Canadian Federal Government, International Governments, and Fortune 1000 Corporations. He has worked on many major crown projects, and for a select group of defense clients.

Since 2012, Scott has been Senior Partner of Midpoint Ventures. He works as a management consultant, primarily within the emerging global Cannabis Industry. He has helped over a dozen medical and recreational Cannabis businesses secure capital, licensing and strategic partnerships in Canada, US States, Colombia, Australia, Germany and elsewhere globally. Scott co-founded the Canadian Medical Cannabis Industry Association (now Cannabis Canada association) and was a Board Member for 3 years. Currently, he is a Consultant, and/or Advisor for 5 companies in the emerging Cannabis Sector and others in High Tech and Finance and Service Sectors.

Mr. Walker has been heavily involved in Inter-Governmental and Regulatory affairs during his career including a secondment as Director General in the House of Commons and Senate of Canada. He has acted as a Consultant/ Advisor to Federal, Provincial and Municipal Governments.